• 1986.323 Alma Woodsey Thomas/lris, Tulips, Jpnquils, and Crocuses (1969) © Estate of Alma Woodsey︎ Thomas , Photo by Lee Stalsworth ; NMWA 所属

  • 2009.115 Joana Vasconcelos/Viriato (2005) ©︎ Joana Vasconcelos; Photo by Lee Stalsworth; NMWA 所属

  • 2012.2_8x10 Amy Sherald, They Call Me Redbone but I’d Rather be Strawberry Shortcake (2009); ©︎ Amy Sherald, Courtesy of the artist and Hauser & Wirth; Photo by Lee Stalsworth; NMWA 所属

  • 2012.26 Jiha Moon, Cascade Crinoline (2008); ©︎ Jiha Moon; Photo by Lee Stalsworth; NMWA所属

  • 2013.9 Shirin Neshat, On Guard, 1997 ©︎ Shirin Neshat, courtesy of the artist and Gladstone Gallery NMWA 所属


Promoting gender equality through the arts

Promoting Gender Equality
through the Arts in Japan

Japan ranks 125th in the world in terms of economic gender parity according to the World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Index 2023. Clearly, there is work to be done to achieve gender parity in Japan. To that end, The NMWA Japan Committee was formed by the members who strongly believe the NMWA's commitment to supporting and celebrating women in the arts. The NMWA Japan Committee strives to advance gender equality and diversity through the arts so that Japanese female artists and curators can inspire and be inspired. By exhibiting the works of female artists from Japan in "Women to Watch," a group exhibition held every few years at NMWA in Washington, D.C., we hope to amplify the voices of talented Japanese female artists so they can be heard around the world.

About NMWA

The National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) was founded by art collectors Wilhelmina Cole Holladay and Wallace F. Holladay who realized that art history contains few references to women artists. Where are the women artists?" This question led them to pioneer collecting method using "revisionist approach" (rethinking the idea of the history of Western art) and to solely collect works by women artists, which laid the foundation for the establishment of NMWA.Through its collection, exhibitions, programs, and online, the NMWA seeks to foster a dynamic exchange of art and opinion. By shedding light on great women artists of the past who have been lost in history as well as those in the present, NMWA seeks to better our society through more equitable leadership and community involvement.

About NMWA Japan

In the spring of 2021, NMWA in Washington, D.C. invited Japan to form a committee to participate in their group exhibition. Japan was then ranked 120th in the world in World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Index 2021, highlighting the need for programs like the NMWA's. While most NMWA local committees are composed only of women, our Japan Committee boasts the highest percentage of male participation with the perspective of "working together with men to build gender equality and diversity." Currently, the NMWA Japan Committee is planning to participate in "Women to Watch," a group exhibition held every few years at NMWA in Washington, D.C., in which each committee sends artists from their regions. For the next exhibition starting from April 2024 themed "New Worlds," NMWA Japan Committee invited Tomoko Yabumae, curator of the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum as a contributing curator, and she selected Natsumi Aoyagi, Asako Fujikura, Ai Hasegawa, Umi Ishihara and Shiori Watanabe as the five candiates from Japan. Among the five, Ai Hasegawa has been confirmed to participate as the first Japanese female artist in "Women to Watch."

About Donations

The NMWA Japan Committee is approved by Association for Corporate Support of the Arts. Your donation may become tax deductible in Japan. To make a donation, please visit the Culfan page below.

Information about NMWA Japan Committee

  • Founded: April 1st, 2021
  • Organization Name: NMWA Japan Committee
  • Purpose: Promote gender equality through the arts and introduce Japanese women artists to the world.
  • Address: 〒105-0013 2-2-15 Hamamatsucho, Tokyo 2F Bwac JAPAN


  • NMWA Japan Co-chair: Noriko Kashiwagi(Bwac JAPAN CEO / ARTPLAT Director)
  • NMWA Japan Co-chair: Ayako Hirota Weisman(Horizon Kinetics LLC. Senior Vice President Director of Asia Strategy)
  • Takashi Takahashi(BrainPad Inc. Chairman Co-Founder)
  • Hiroyoshi Koizumi(KOIZUMI Group, Inc. Director / The 5th Floor Co-Founder)
  • Junya Komatsu(Mimura Komatsu Law Firm Representative Attorney)
  • Reona Onoue

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